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Wrongdoing in Spain, 1800-1936: Realities, Representations, Reactions


Research activity resulting from Wrongdoing project

In addition to the publications coming out of the Wrongdoing project, there have been major other developments. Both are concerned with the digitization and cataloguing of popular material held in the Cambridge University Library and the British Library in London that was a part of the Wrongdoing project (see link on front page to Spanish Chapbooks which gives access to this catalogue).

1. CENGAGE contracted (2015) with the Wrongdoing project to have the 4700 items of pliegos (chapbooks) digitized on the Wrongdoing project available on their website. CENGAGE, based in the US, has a broad range of digital information available to the academic and more general community. Their collection 'Crime, Punishment and Popular Culture 1780-1920' is an ideal location for making the work of the Wrongdoing project more visible.

2. ‘Mapping pliegos’ group: This group arose out of the last conference of the project (July 2014). It is an international group, led by Juan Gomis (Valencia), Pura Fernández (CSIC) and Alison Sinclair (Cambridge), with an informal team of 10-15 members. Its aim is to produce a short-title comprehensive catalogue of pliegos sueltos. The current estimate of the number of pliegos sueltos involved is 12,000. Eventually the objective is to secure funding for the digitization of these items. The group meets once or twice a year with the aim of solving the practicalities of the project, and to look at the way such material can be used in research.

As an offshoot to ‘Mapping pliegos’, those involved in the Wrongdoing project have moved into collaboration with EDPOP (The European Dimensions of Popular Print Culture)(PI Jeroen Salman, Utrecht). 'Mapping pliegos' is also linked to the project of the ‘Historia de la edición’ of Pura Fernández (CSIC).